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  1. I tried wiggling the cord and no luck. But the cord has always fit loose at the plug.
  2. Is the cord or the plug on the monitor causing my problem though?
  3. Hello there, I recently bought an 01 Dodge 2500 that has the Smarty Touch in it and a friend of mine has a 03 Dodge 3500 that was interested in buying the Touch from me. I set my truck back to stock and removed the tuner and plugged it into his truck and it wouldn't turn on. The brain boxes led flashed but the monitor wouldn't come on. We thought it was the cord so I tried a cord from another friend and now the monitors LED flashes RED RED GREEN RED RED and it still doesn't turn on even after putting it back into my truck. I'm lost as to what's going on and where to get a new cord. Any help is appreciated. Thank you, Benjamin
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