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  1. Ok I’ll try that once I get back. Thank you it’s done this before and I did something idk what but it took the program and I left it alone for a long time. I’ll try that and hope for the best
  2. Ok cleaned the ecm ,checked voltage at ob port all good and grounds good too, removed abs and unplugged lift pump , tried it and I thought for a second I was good it timed out agian I appreciate yalls help I’ll try a new sw update and see what happens thank you
  3. Are you referring to the ecm on the block that are weak or the other I forgot about one on block I’ll clean it tomorrow and remove those fuses thanks again
  4. Ok great thanks for your advice and help. I did today clean out all the dye grease from my plug connections on the ecm the two plugs above the intake horn and obd port with no improvement, yet it loads the stock sw back and control the torque management, timing, and duration, I’ll check the voltage tomorrow and grounds
  5. Hello I have a 1999 vp44 Cummings that smarty wil not connect to. It will adjust for my tire size and adjust my TM,Injection Duration,and Timeing and write it on my ecm, so that works great but when I go to load a tune/catcher file it gives me the error. Then I have to disconnect the battery’s which are brand new wait reconnect reload stock sw but it keeps my tire size and the torque management on there I’ve tryed removal of the options successfully to try the SW download with no luck , ive checked everything tryed new software update and old software update with no luck on tunes . I’ve had catcher 9 loaded on my truck for over a year now and returned it to stock last week to try the manual option big mistake cause now no power like 9 and I can’t reload any help is appreciated thanks
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