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    Mission Statement

    Here at SmartySupport.com, we feel it is our mission to provide the highest level of service and support for the products we stand behind and the customers using them. Without you, the customer, there is no chance at success.  We are a group of average enthusiasts who saw issues with support and documentation of these products.  As reviews became ever more negative and product response decreased, we decided to take aggressive action and work toward a solution.  We are here to do everything in our abilities to see that these companies’ products receive the support and backing they deserve for the benefit of everyone.  We want to provide you with a solution in the timeliest manner possible.   Weekends and nights are not out of bounds.  We have people working many different schedules and checking in regularly.  Although we do not have true “round the clock 24-7 coverage” yet, we come very close.  Support Tickets may be entered at any time, are visible to all staff members, and will be responded to as soon as they are seen.  Whether a resolution is immediately available or not we feel it is our duty to keep you updated on every step of the process.  We are also working on product improvements and welcome any suggestions you may have.  This goes for the rest of the site and support as well.

    Public Forum Support

    We have a very strong community and a great deal of our support is user to user. Most problems will be solved by simply browsing the forums or creating a new thread asking for help. Please note that for technical support you should go to the correct forum section pertaining to your issue.

    Come on in and give us an introduction. Give us a hard time. Give us a piece of your mind. Tell us how it can be done better.  Maybe just come in and enjoy the site.  We welcome all feedback and strive to keep your experience with us, and the products we back, a positive one.

    Are you a tuner?  Come on in and let us know what you think.  We would love to hear your ideas on improvements you would like to see or issues you may have found.  Toss out some tips and tricks to the upcoming crowd.  Maybe just bounce some ideas back and forth between fellow enthusiasts.  Are you someone who would like to explore tuning with the Smarty Touch/MM3 and UDC Pro RT?  There are several professional and amateur tuners on the site who are ready and willing to help you out with any questions you may have and even provide a little guidance along the way.  We can also provide help with UDC Basic tuning for those of you using the handheld Smarty SSR/S06 style systems.

    At Smarty Support we also promote discussion of all things Dodge/Ram/Cummins and many other makes and models of vehicles.  Diesel conversions, TDI motors, anything else import or domestic.

    Smarty Tech Articles

    Come one. Come all.  Here you will find the section of the site where all the …  ahem..

    Not much is really going on here.  YET!  This is a portion of the site that is undergoing major overhauls.  I’m sure many of you know that articles and documents have been very lacking.  Especially concerning the Touch and UDC Pro RT.  We are going to change that but putting all this technological voodoo into words will take time.  Please keep your eyes out for additions in this area.  Feel free to browse through the existing documentation.  In the meantime, we are here to assist.  Hit up the forums and if you can’t find your answer there or you have an urgent issue, fill out a ticket, light a fire under our butts, and we will stomp heartily to put it out.

    Smarty Downloads

    This part of our site is where you will find all of the download links and files to keep your Smarty products up to date.  Come grab a copy of the new Smarty Agent and MM3 Agent to automatically check for updates and define whether you would like to manually or automatically update your UDC Pro Software, MM3, and Smarty Touch.  There are files and links you may need to install on your Windows platform to enable previous download/update methods.  We will also be including other helpful downloads/links that some users find useful.  These include timing calculators, mileage tracking, and others that can be shared across the Cummins community.  Please let us know if there is something you would like to see added.


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