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  2. Smarty is shipping me out a new thermocouple under warranty. Hopefully the new one is good to go.
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  4. That’s true. I’m going to call the place I ordered it from and see what they say. If they can send a replacement and done need this one I’ll cut it and see where it was shorted. There should be some sort of warranty for this as I just received it last week.
  5. It could be, although it would be more likely that the wire is shorted somewhere under the stainless braiding since it is all one continuous conductive path. The only way to know for sure would be to remove the braiding and look for damage to the insulation on the individual wires. You could carefully cut it at the probe end and slide it off the wires but you'd have to put it back on and reattach the braiding somehow to keep the wiring as protected as possible.
  6. So for some reason probe is shorted inside then?
  7. You should be able to return the probe and get a replacement. If you want a backup you can order one of the probes I linked from amazon while yours is going through the motions. I have two of them laying around for backups if needed. Free 2 day prime shipping would get you up and running quick and they work perfectly. Exact same setup.
  8. With probe in place I checked from each wire to Continuity to ground on battery and it is shorted to ground. Not sure where or how.
  9. Yes it is corpses. I also placed the probe against a few bolts still said it’s ok. I’ll try and check with my meter to ground and see what happens thanks
  10. I'm guessing your manifold is a little rusty/corroded and not giving you a good connection by just touching the probe to the outside of it. Where the threads on the fitting have been drilled and tapped they are making a solid connection to ground. You can us an ohm meter to check from each bare lead to the probe and see if it has a low resistance or reinsert the probe in the fitting and check for a short to ground from the bare leads to a good clean ground on the body or negative battery terminal.
  11. Ok so I checked the wiring out it’s all ok. My wire connections are far from touching anything. I took probe out. Says it’s ok. I touch probe to exhaust manifold still says it’s ok but if any part touches the fitting that is screwed into the manifold that came with the kit it says shorted. Even if I just rest the nut that’s on the probe to the fitting still says shorted. It does not like that fitting for some reason. Dosent make much sense to me. No damage or kinks or anything to the probe.
  12. Yea it only gives me that grounded status if the probe touches the fitting that is screwed into the manifold. So does this mean some how my probe is no good? I will have time today to check the wiring out but from when I was running it nothing was damaged. What about if the braided cable touches metal? I don’t think it is but I need to double check
  13. It is grounding to the exhaust manifold/motor somehow. Being a braided stainless sheath it could be anywhere along the cable that could be damaged and not very visible. If all of the other points that the cable is touching the body of the truck are painted well enough then you may only see it when you insert the probe. The thermocouple junction could also be touching the probe housing on the inside and you would not see that until insertion if all other parts of the cable are isolated.
  14. I will check those tomorrow I just don’t understand when I take the probe out it says it’s fine. I checked the probe and no damage seems to be done to it
  15. If you over tighten the nut on the probe it can actually smash the housing into the wiring. You could have a nicked wire at some point along the cable. Your connection screws may be touching something metal inside the truck. Those would be the first 3 things I would check. I would imagine you are a little nervous about having to replace such a spendy little unit as well. If that happens to be the case, you can go another route if your probe is actually bad. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009HW44F4/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  16. Last week
  17. Just installed egt sensor for the smarty but Dosent matter how I have it attached it says shorted to ground. I take it out and it’s fine. What am I doing wrong? Theres no way that it won’t touch the fittings? No instructions with the sensor either..
  18. Ok I’ll try that once I get back. Thank you it’s done this before and I did something idk what but it took the program and I left it alone for a long time. I’ll try that and hope for the best
  19. Toss a battery charger on the truck and bring it to full charge. Once at full charge, try the flash again with the charger still hooked up. Even a slightly low battery or Vdrop will can cause a flash to fail.
  20. Red Red Green Red Red is the same code you get if you plug the touch into a pc or power supply. It is a bad connection or cable for sure. If it is loose at the plug you can try getting a small fine blade knife around the outside edge of the Touch connector and very very gently try prying the sides in to make a tighter fit. You can also squeeze the plug on the cable a tiny bit to see if that helps. Make sure you don't go too far. Check the fit after each attempt. The only other thing to check would be the other end of the cable from the Touch and also looking for dirty or corroded pins if you can see them.
  21. I tried wiggling the cord and no luck. But the cord has always fit loose at the plug.
  22. Please feel free to utilize the donations feature. This site is staffed by volunteers working unpaid and paying for website expenses out of their own pockets. The manufacturer of the Smarty tuner does not contribute in any way either with current information for the end users or funds for the website fees and maintenance nor for a server tech as they feel it is of no importance to utilize a web forum. We of course and Smarty end users we visit with feel otherwise. It is all on the staff and membership of Smarty Support to keep the site up to benefit Cummins enthusiasts. We do not sell units normally as we concentrate on Smarty Support, and have not sold to date, but our store is available if you wanted to purchase here which would assist keeping Smarty Support available. Our staff enjoys helping fellow enthusiasts free of charge but the site bills need paid as does the server tech. That is up to the members who benefit from the Smarty Support team and website. Please try utilizing that donate button if you would like to keep the website available for yourself and fellow Dodge Cummins enthusiasts. Thank you for Supporting Smarty Support so Smarty Support can Support you!
  23. Those lights are a code that gives a clue as to the issue. However that information is Top Secret.
  24. Try wiggling the cord where it goes into the unit to determine if it is compromised at the port.
  25. Is the cord or the plug on the monitor causing my problem though?
  26. Ok cleaned the ecm ,checked voltage at ob port all good and grounds good too, removed abs and unplugged lift pump , tried it and I thought for a second I was good it timed out agian I appreciate yalls help I’ll try a new sw update and see what happens thank you
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